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John Ainley

•   I only work at the top of large companies. The influence from work at this level has a significant and lasting impact on those organisations.


•   I have many years of experience working at the most senior levels, helping clients wrestle with the issues of strategy implementation, change, leadership, high performance and coaching. I have been working in this area since the 1990s and have a unique capability and experience. I am a deeply experienced commercial leader of FTSE companies in both an executive and non-executive capacity; I am an outstanding coach.


•   I have a deep understanding of the reality of business and the associated strategic, operational and leadership challenges.


•   All of my work has performance improvement outcomes that relate directly to strategy execution and the well being of the client.


•   I only work with a small number of clients at any one time and normally establish very long term relationships based upon mutual understanding, trust and respect.


•   The work is priced on a value basis. I do what it takes to deliver. There is no meter running in our work together. Within reason, all pricings enable a good deal of ad hoc support within the basic fee structure. I am available to you when you need me.


•   The work is all bespoke, there are no off the shelf programmes. I work in partnership with you to achieve your objectives.


•   Finally, clients are paid for results and I am paid for helping you to deliver them. In the very unlikely eventuality that you don’t think you have received the value that was contracted, I will either work with you until it is achieved or charge nothing for my work.


Our pricing is at the premium and

upper end of the market, below I describe why.


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