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John Ainley

My Vision


To cause consistently great performance for senior leaders and their organisations.

To help senior leaders live fulfilled lives.

My Core Beliefs


•   Leadership coaching will transform your performance. It would be inconceivable for an elite athlete

to thrive without one, why not senior leaders?


•   Most people have limiting beliefs about themselves that reduce their effectiveness


•   Organisations become shadows of their leaders, this demands that leaders live what they speak


•   Being truly authentic as a leader will transform your performance


•   Being a leader is lonely and it is unlikely that you are receiving honest & objective feedback


•   The role of a plc NED has changed, they are no longer able to give informal development advice, their roles are highly regulated,

accountable and transactional, often boards don’t give feedback until a situation is irretrievable


•   Lip service from our teams is the norm & we often mistake it for genuine agreement


•   We all are a balance of emotion and logic, a great leader works in both realms


•   A commercial and skilled coach can transform your performance

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